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"The Ballad of Johnny Steel"

KaiL Baxley

UCJ Classification: New Wave Soul

Score 9.1

Attitude is what pervades in the “The Ballad of Johnny Steel”. It starts out with a groovy bassline, mixes in an electric harmonica, and even throws in some horns to create a uniquely soulful song. Kail Baxley who hails from a small town in South Carolina and used to be an amateur boxer before falling in love with the guitar, has a voice that is as soulful as they come in this bluesy soul filled track. This song has depth, grit and groove that we thoroughly enjoyed and is off of his 2nd album entitled “A Light That Never Dies” which excellent in it’s own right.


Black Pumas

UCJ Classification: New Wave Soul


Groove and soul is what you’ll find with this gem off a song by The Black Pumas. The Black Pumas are considered an American Psychedelic Soul band based in Austin TX. They are a 2 piece band comprising of singer Eric Burton and guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada and recently received their 1st Grammy nomination for best new artist in 2020. We were really taken aback by how soulful and uplifting this song made us feel. Great steady bassline, playful song progression, and of course the cherry on top is Eric Burton’s soul quenching voice that is accentuated by a choir group during the chorus. This song really does a good job of building to a crescendo after the bridge and had us very excited to check out more songs from their self entitled 2020 album.

Train Gone By

Kayleigh Baker

UCJ Classification: New Wave Soul

Score 8.1

Kayleigh Baker’s voice is truly what won us over on this track. She sounds like if Adele and Amy Winehouse had a baby and we were particularly impressed with her voices broad range. One minute she is pelting out notes with a bluesy rasp and the next she is soulfully soothing us with soft and meaningful notes. The song is a mix of blues and soul which has a group of singers as well as a slide guitar simulating a train that has gone by. The chorus is particularly powerful and really showcases the power of Kayleigh’s voice. “Train Gone By” is off her 2011 EP entitled “The Weight of it All” and hopefully we have more albums of hers to come.

"Grey Skies"

Kate Bollinger

Score 8.3

UCJ Classification: Jazz Dub Lounge

Chill and lounge out. What really stuck out about this song was Kate's smooth and soothing voice atop a equally as slick and subtle jazz guitar. Nice little swing rhythm to top it off and you've got yourself a nice soothing lounge style track.

"Earlier Days"


Score 9.1

UCJ Classification: Ambient Hip Hop

Though you’ll only find a five song EP and a single, “Noise”, from 2019 when you search Zsela on Spotify, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Someone who seems to be on the verge of breaking out, Zsela has been making noise in New York with her powerful, yet simple style of singing. Uncut Jamz was first brought to the light by her newest single, “Earlier Days,” and I think it’s safe to say, we’ve been left wanting more from this twenty-five year old voice whose tone has the wisdom of a Buddhist monk.



Score 8.05

UCJ Classification: Ambient Trans

Beautiful and uplifting are a quick way to describe this electronic song by William Phillips aka Tourist. Phillips is actually a 2015 Grammy winning artist for co writing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. Elixir is an enchanting blend of electronic timbres that coalesce to form a beautifully produced song. This song is off Phillips most recent album entitled “Wild”. With a steady driving beat, uplifting vibe and a fantastic song progression, Elixir won us over here at Uncut Jamz and I’m sure you will enjoy as well.

"Moreland Ave Blues"

Daily Bread

Score 8.45

UCJ Classification: Electro Blues Hip Hop

Where to begin with this song? Moreland Ave blues is by far one of the most unique songs we have encountered and it was particularly difficult to classify. It’s a fantastic fusion of blues, hip hop and electronic music filled with heavy electronic fuzz and playful electronic samples. Rhett Whatley aka Daily Bread started producing music in 2014 and has collaborated with some of his biggest influences Pretty Lights, Griz and the floozies. Moreland Ave Blues is his most popular track to date and it’s fairly easy to see why. Great unique blend of genres that really pushes the lines of classification, while also being fun and easy to listen to.  

"More Mess On My Thing"

The Poets of Rhythm

Score 8.25

UCJ Classification: Funk

Born out of Munich, Germany, the Poets of Rhythm united around the sounds of funk that had been coming out of the U.S. in the late 60s and early 70s that they all loved. It seems a little strange that a bunch of German kids in the 90s would be so into funk music, but it seems the Poets were just ahead of their time, bringing the sounds of soul back for over a decade. They did break up back in 2003 unfortunately, but Daptoe Records has released an anthology of their song for anyone who needs to get a Germanic Funk fix.




UCJ Classification: House(Yacht)

What I liked most about “Futurmastic” when I first heard the Dombresky track was how fresh he was able to keep it. A simple beat that he is constantly building, expanding, and transforming, it’s a fun, light song but still keeps your attention. Dombresky started to come onto the scene around 2016 when he first came to Miami. With some early hype from an A-Trak remix and a song he did with fellow Frenchman Techami, he has turned into a new staple of the house scene. He’s toured extensively throughout the world and gained a solid following in Australia and Asia, having played many notable festivals at this point as well, EDC, Coachella and Ultra, to name a few.

"Black Dresses"

The Builders & The Butchers

Score 8.25

UCJ Classification: Punk Folk

The Builders and the Butchers are a five-piece band out of Oregon. They formed in 2005 and grew to prominence first in the Portland scene, expanding into the Northwest before growing into a festival band, playing the likes of Lollapalooza and Sasquatch and touring with bands like Portugal. The Man. The band just released their fifth studio album The Spark back in May, 2020, which was recorded in pieces and sometimes remotely due to the band living in various locations.

"My Future"

Billie Eilish

Score 8.6

UCJ Classification: Ambient Hip Hop

Billie Eilish is an American Singer/Song writer that released some of her first songs in 2016 along with her brother Finneas, who plays bass and co writes songs along with Billie. This song is multi faceted and is one of the main reasons why we liked it so much. It starts out very sultry, low, and highlights Billie’s voice exceptionally. It then kicks up out of nowhere and becomes a solid upbeat, feel good, soulful song that surprised us in all of the best ways.

"Here Before"

Low Float

Score 8.25

UCJ Classification: New Wave Soul

Low Float entered the music scene in 2020 and released this banger of a track. It’s a chill, soulful song that incorporates a lot of timbres the Low Float blends together nicely to go along with his soulful voice. It's short, sweet and to the point.


in earnest

Score 8.00

UCJ Classification: Gospel Folk

We absolutely loved how this song was progressively built and added multiple layers of timbres throughout the song that eventually built up to what we can describe as a harmonic explosion. This song is very deep and filled with a sort of melancholy hope that leaves you feeling uplifted and hopeful. In earnest is a UK based trio fueled by songwriting couple Sarah and Thomas that just released their debut album in October 2020 where their intention was to create meaningful art and unflinchingly honest lyricism.

"Why Pop Stars Sell Silicone"

Love You Moon

Score 8.1

UCJ Classification: Progressive Folk Rock

Great upbeat song that is acoustic guitar based that is backed by some solid vocals and complex lyrics. The chorus is what we really stood out for us on this track and we really enjoyed the energy this song puts out for being a solely acoustic track. This song is off their debut Album Waxwane that debut in 2008 and is a solo project of Matt Embree who is best know as the lead singer, guitarist, and song write for RX Bandits.



Score 8.00

UCJ Classification: R&B

This is one of the quintessential “never judge a song by it’s intro” song. Compass’s voice comes in hot and high pitched seemingly out of nowhere. Sweet and sultry R&B style song where the chorus is very bright and harmonious, and fraught with a solid driving R&B swing beat. Compass hails from the UK and has been releasing tracks since 2014.

"Dark Star"

Robert Walter

Score 8.1

UCJ Classification: Psychedelic Jazz

Solid Jazzy, Psychedelic, jam track. We really loved the bass play in this song as it’s exceptionally pronounced and showcases a broad range of play. What really stood out on this one was what sounded like a wawa Saxophone, and it seemingly warped into different sounding timbres throughout the song. Nice groovy jam here. Robert Walters first debuted in 2000 and has put out 4 albums since then with the latest one released in 2018. He is also a founding member of the Greyboy Allstars.

"Spohisti Ratchet"

Austin Dean Ashford & Noel Scales

Score 8.4

UCJ Classification: Southern Hop

Sophisti Ratchet was a song so diverse that we almost thought Austin Dean Ashford made it just to try and stump the UJ genrefication minds. What impressed us enough to put it on the playlist was the way he was able to cohesively fuse Southern Hip-Hop with samples of harmonica, gospel vocals and even some Electronic elements, all with his lyrical flow. The Bay Area musician only has two tracks to his Spotify profile, but he left us hoping he'll drop an EP soon. 

"If I Didn't Love You"

Frankie Davies

Score 8.4

UCJ Classification: Country Soul

A song stripped down to a few acoustic elements, “If I Didn’t Love You” keeps it simple for all the right reasons, leaving Frankie Davies' voice to be the star of the show. Her lyrical phrasing and crooning vocals mimic the guitar and pedal steel so well that the song takes the shape of a country classic and it's almost hard to believe Davies is from the UK. Gaining prominence with an EP and an album under her belt, this new single is another exciting display that reminds of how human a song can be when someone has the voice to breathe life into it. 

"Down for the Fifth Time"


Score 8.1

UCJ Classification: EDM Soul


Feel good vibes mixed in with some upbeat soul is what this track is all about. A good mix of electronic and acoustic timbres make for a uniquely modern song that has includes a very good vocal melody sample. This song is most definitely a “blue ball” song where it seems its too short and leaves you wanting more. Great mix of not only genres but of acoustic and electronic timbres. Flamingosis is a New Jersey based electronic music producer and beat boxer. Also, one hell of a live act and a must see if he comes to a town near you.

"When The Moving Stops"

Planet Giza

Score 8.2

UCJ Classification: Hip-Hop Jazz Space Soul › planet-giza

Blending meticulously crafted beats with the rhythms of jazz and soul, Planet Giza give's recognition to the past while still offering up something fresh on "When The Moving Stops." The trio from Montreal have a sound so unique that the UCJ genrefication of Hip-Hop Jazz Space Soul is really just a stab in the dark at a style of music that is of its own. With this track just released and another 2021 project on the way, this group is as exciting as it gets if you're looking to get down to some new sounds.


Boogie T.RIO

Score 8.0

UCJ Classification: Funky Jam

Boogie Trio - Home | Facebook

The brain child of multi-instrumentalist Boogie T, the 'T.RIO' was born out of the concept of making a live performance from his solo productions and, if there is one thing the song "2KFunkOff" makes you want to do, it's to see this band live. Ripping through sections that could make up a small set, this track goes full on jam while still keeping it tight and always entertaining. Finding such a true funk sound with a rhythm section that can handle the complex twists and turns is what set this song apart from your typical 'jam' and Boogie T wailing on guitar sure didn't hurt either.

"Down In The Woods"


Score 8.3

UCJ Classification: Prog Psychedelic Folk

instagram: glim_ring

Starting off as an unassuming a'cappella performance, Glim'ring's "Down In The Woods" transforms into a psychedelic folk dream blending odd tempo into a powerful soundscape. The folk rooted duo is really able to capture a unique blend with this track adding touches of violin, sitar and even some wolf samples to keep a listener always wondering where the song could go next. If you're ever dancing around a fire in the desert with Jim Morrison, this song is a must.

"Slow Fade"

Wax Future

Score 8.25

UCJ Classification: Glitch Soul Dub Funk

instagram: waxfuture

If you're looking forward to the rebirth of festival season, listen too Wax Future's "Slow Fade" beacuse it will make you feel like you're literally at a festival, even if you're just dancing around your living room. Blending the up-tempo nature of dub and the passion of sax, they create an immersive world of both electronic and brass elements that have a blast off into orbit with a subtle chill tempo in the same song. A great single and overall great album from the Philadelphia based trio who is for sure one to watch out for. 

"Cannery Row"

Sturt Avenue

Score 8.5

UCJ Classification: Pub Folk

instagram: sturtavenue

From the project of singer/songwriter Bryn Soden, “Cannery Row” is a spectacular track where the duality of melancholy and joy are balanced to perfection. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity, nothing fancy here, just a couple acoustic guitars, bass, piano, great melody and a harmonica at the end that really brings it home. The sing along vocals are what really add the “feel good” imagery of being at a pub with friends, drunk and singing along to songs while spilling drinks all over the bar. Solid feel good track that is well rounded, bright, and warm. Definitely needs to be played as the song for the last round at the pub.

"Rat Poison"


Score 8.1

UCJ Classification: Grunge Pop Hop

instagram: @psykhi • Instagram photos and videos

In the world of Psyhki, opposites attract and “Rat Poison” showcases his ability to bring those opposites into a cohesive blend. Whether it be the clean-tone guitar meshed with hip-hop drums or the dark lyrical story of a murder sung in a bright tone, his ability to bring together genres from different worlds is truly unique. The Ghanaian born, London resident has put all his chips on the table and with an EP on the way, we’re all ears.

"Wild Wild West"

FiLiBuStA and Passio

Score 8.15

UCJ Classification: Hip Hop Soul Dubtronica

instagram: @filibustamusic

Don’t be misled by the subtle intro of “Wild Wild West” because at the end of this five minute genre bending mashup you won’t be sitting down. Routed in classic hip-hop, the track takes no time to transform the “California Love” sample into a flurry of Dub and Soul. Illinois native FiLiBuStA and Passio team up on this track to deliver a true banger apt for settings from festivals to living room dance parties.



Score: 8.3 

UCJ Classification: Psych Beach Rock

instagram: @rooskinband

Sometimes music is just meant to make you happy and the song “Eloise” fulfills its purpose in doing just that. A modern take on Psych Rock, this track from the Southend, England 5-piece, Rooskin, immerses the listener in it’s positive vibes that last beyond the last chord. A gem to start off any road trip and a perfect track for the beach (UCJ has even field verified it with their sonic beach expert), this song is a must for your next vacation playlist. 



Score: 8.1 

UCJ Classification: Hardcore Hop

instagram: @purp_601

With a delivery as relentless as the beat, P.U.R.P. wastes no time on “Wholesale” tearing through bars at a frightening pace. The new track from the Mississippi native is just one of many releases since 2018 showing the rapper’s unique cadence. With production as menacing as his flow this song brings a hardcore element to hip-hop that that is rarely seen.

"Oh My Gawd"

Orval Hill

Score: 8.25 

UCJ Classification: Villain Glitch Hop

instagram: @orvalhill_

Orval Hill knows how to keep it fresh and the creativity he puts on display with the track “OH MY GAWD” is shown in both the production and his lyrical cadence. Weaving the tempo of his bars to suit the beat, the track plays between chill and neurotic, all building to the end when O.H. unloads on the listener with the final verse. Off his recent High Anxiety EP, the song fits the bill and leaves the listener with their head spinning.

"The Edge"

Moontricks, Dirtwire

Score: 8.15 

UCJ Classification: Glitch Blues Lounge

instagram: @moontricks_music , dirtwire

It's not often that a song is both smooth and heavy at the same time but “The Edge” shows how Moontricks and Dirtwire are able to combine for this unique sound. It’s, at it’s core, a chill track, garnishing a blue-lounge classification but it was the arrangements of glitchy odd instrumentation that had the UCJ team loving it enough to put it on the playlist. Let’s hope this Pacific Northwest combo has some collab’s in the future because this one was a treat.


T Bird and the Breaks

Score: 8.1 

UCJ Classification: Americana Soul

instagram: tbirdandthebreaks

A song about a record collection and a song title that will now be entered into the UCJ dictionary, as “Waxin” is a cool ass way to say you’re listening to records, T Bird and the Breaks have captured the essence of what every record collector has felt on a night when they just want to chill and listen to their vinyl’s. Be careful listening to this one because you may find yourself wasting a perfectly good Saturday night to “go waxin’ all night long”.


150 East Robinson Street, suite 801

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