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A Match Made in EDM Heaven? Maddy O'Neal and Marvel Years drop "Don't Stop" ft. Lummingbird

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

After seeing them on tour the last couple of months I was going to be upset if we didn’t get something from Maddy O’Neal and Marvel Years so when I saw the new track, “Don’t’ Stop”, also featuring Lummingbird, expectations were high. Two artists who I’ve come to get excited when they release almost anything, coming together for their second collaboration and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. They take a soulful slow start with just some piano and guitar that seemingly makes its way into the build-up of drums and bass, as Lummingbird’s vocals join in, finally culminating in a wonky dub breakdown that lets the part loose. It’s a collaboration that after you hear the final result was obvious from the beginning because their styles mesh together so well and I honestly can’t even say I know who does what, except that it sounds like Marvel Years on guitar.

Also, with the release of the song comes a comical music video with both musicians racing kids bikes sporting training wheels and LED lighting, as if it were a back ally street race. The two face off before the race like prize fighters at a weigh in but what is assumed to be a joke, may have carried over into the race, as Marvel Years win came at some foul foot play and smoke bomb deception.

Maddy O’Neal is a Denver Based producer whose jazzy hip-hop electronic fusion is routed in the rock n’ roll she was raised on. She has been dropping music throughout the year including songs with CloZee and the Floozies and it’s clear that she is continually growing as a musician, pushing more depth into every track.

Marvel Years who entertained us throughout the pandemic with his sonic creations from his New York Apartment mixes his own guitar and piano playing in with his electronic production that fuses glitchy hip-hop with funk and soul. The producer whose real name is Cory Wythe seems to have a knack for simply what ‘sounds good’, his most underrated skill because he is truly a person who brings us joy through his beats.

Maddy O’Neal bringing the funk-dub of Colorado, Marvel Years with his own jazz and soul elements on this modern electronic party head banger was really a perfect marriage of these two producers sounds. A song I look forward to seeing live and, with the fall tour they just put together, something that is becoming a reality, it’s great just to see these two touring and making music again (although I’m honestly a little jealous of the Frisco show Colorado fans who were bless with the same day as the songs release). Be on the lookout for them if they hit your city in the near future.

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