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Maybe at this point Miley Cyrus should just become a Cover Artist

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Maybe at this point Miley Cyrus should just become a cover artist. I’m officially contextualizing these thoughts after watching her cover of the Cocteau Twins’ “Heaven Or Las Vegas” but the thought initially came to me after watching her performance at the Final Four, a performance in which she covered Queen, Stevie Nicks and Blondie. Now you can probably assume my opinion on Cyrus’ original material by the mere fact that I’m encouraging her to become a cover artist and you’d be right but I think if you have to give her one thing, it’s that she’s a performer. I don’t even necessarily like her voice that much but she has a strong voice and it really allows her to bring it when she wants to.

It’s somewhat strange that I would give light to the idea of Cyrus becoming only a cover artist when I’ve begged of Phoebe Bridgers to do the exact opposite but my reasons are routed in their strengths because while I much prefer Bridgers, she isn’t likely to get a halftime show rocking like a bunch of 70s cover songs from Cyrus. This is what I want from Miley, an artist that just takes the stage, belts out some classic bangers and gives the general audience what they want. That’s what America needs, a reliable celebrity cover artist, no thoughts, no emotions, just someone to play a nominal halftime show that our parents won’t complain about and then send us on our way.

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