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Soaked In Bleach Documentary Review

Soaked in Bleach Documentary Review

After watching this documentary it is going to be very hard to convince me that Courtney Love did not kill Kurt Cobain. Bold statement I know, but this documentary was one of the most thought provoking docs I have seen in quite some time. I had always written off that Kurt indeed killed himself and there was never even a doubt that s

omething foul had occurred otherwise. I mean a tortured rock star that had issues dealing with super stardom, substance abuse issues and the discovery of a suicide note was enough for me to never question the official narrative. Until, I saw this documentary

and it completely flipped my world upside down.

Soaked In Bleach was released in 2015 and was directed by Benjamin Statler. It’s a half reenactment, half live interview style that revolves around the Private Investigator Tom Grant, that was initially hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt Cobain after he escaped rehab and was “suicidal”. Grant as portrayed in the doc, was a stand up police officer that got out of public service to pursue a career in the private sector as a private eye. Grant had some damn good instincts. After his first in person meeting with Love, he expressed to his partner that something wasn’t right with Love’s story, and that they needed to record all conversations with her going forward. Boy did that prove valuable. Grant was able to catch Love lying on multiple occasions and you get to hear the actual phone conversations in the doc.

The documentary is full of odd coincidences and stories that do

n’t line up. It also goes in depth into the initial police investigation of the suicide, which was essentially botched and not done correctly. The officers appeared to act as if it was an open and shut case. Neglecting to know that Kurt had enough heroin in his body to render himself

in a comatose state. One of the most striking aspects of the crime scene for me was the ejection of the bullet casing. The casing ejected from the gun in such a way that it would’ve been near impossible for Kurt to shoot himself the way the official reports states he did.

Then there is the suicide note. This has to be one of the biggest red flags for me. Upon reviewing the suicide note, it does not appear to be one and is mostly a compilation of stuff Kurt had published in the past, except for the end which appears to have been forged. Not only that, but the investigators had found evidence in Courtney Love’s belongings that “someone” appeared to be practicing forging handwriting!

I know right, it’s a bit shocking, but why would Courtney

Love want to have Kurt killed? Well, it turns out that Kurt was seeking a divorce from Love and even started to pursue action to have her removed from his will. It was estimated at the time that Kurt’s net worth was around $50,000,000, a substantial amount of money. It appears that with a divorce imminent, Love saw Kurt as worth more dead than alive, especially now that the Nirvana estate is estimated to be valued at a whopping $450,000,000 million! Hmmm, things are starting to add up now huh?

Those that were closed to Love made no secret, just how manipulative and selfish she could be. In the doc multiple people close to the couple said that they did not have a good relationship and were constantly fighting and

arguing. One particular opinion of Love that wasn’t in the film, but one I saw in a separate documentary, was that of Dave Grohl. He was speaking on his opinion of Love and he constantly stated that he did not want to comment, but eventually gave in and said he thought she was a “bad person”. I think its safe to say that it is extremely difficult to find a complimentary opinion of Love and even harder to find one that says her and Kurt had a good relationship.

But why would she hire a private investigator if she killed him you might be asking? Well we will of course never know, but Tom grant feels that he was hired to provide an alibi for her. If she killed him then why would she hire him in the first place?

There are many more revelations in this documentary that prove to be eye opening, and it’s definitely worth checking out again. Overall it’s a very revealing documentary that tries it’s best to be objective and provide good evidence. It just leaves you sad thinking about what could have been and the fact that the bad guy or girl actually wins. We will most likely never know for sure and the movie certainly doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Love did in fact have Kurt killed, but it does present a striking argument that leaves the viewer seriously questioning that one of the Greatest Musicians of our time, killed himself at the peak of his career with a newborn baby. I highly doubt he did and I would suspect that you will too.

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