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Uncut Jamz Dictionary

The following is the colloquial language of the Uncut Jamz Music Podcast, as defined by its moronic hosts in their quest for understanding and discovering music.

AD/DC Effect, (AC/DC ĭ-fĕkt′), noun. When a band sounds the same on every album, but they don’t give a shit. Originated from the Angus Young Tweet: “I’m sick to death of people saying we’ve made 11 albums that sound exactly the same. In fact, we’ve made 12 albums that sound exactly the same.” Sometimes I think The Strokes songs all sound the same, but I don’t care. i.e., AC/DC

Blue Balls Song, (bloo͞ bôl sȯŋ), noun. A song that leaves you wanting more because it is too short. A song that it so good that you wish it would last longer. A blue balls song may often end in a fade out but there is not set true definition of musical style or time. Man, when I saw Phish on New Year Years 89’ they played a 17-minute version of “Bathtub Gin”, but I swear it was still totally a blue ball song. i.e., “Little Wing” – Jimi Hendrix

Clout Collab, (Klaut kuh-lab) noun. The use of collaboration only as means to gain more notoriety. Man, the last Calvin Harris album was weak, tons of names but not many lived up to the hype, just a bunch of clout collabs. i.e., Any DJ Khaled album

Cut, (ˈkət), adj. The opposite of uncut. An artist or song that has been overplayed so much that you are sick of them. That song “Bad Guy” is good but it’s so cut up that I’d be fine if I never heard it again. i.e., Drake

Licking Riffs, (lĭk′ĭng rĭfs), verb. Cool sounding way to say that a guitarist played a sick riff. Marcuse King has so many sick guitar solos, dude licks riffs like his guitar is a lollipop. i.e., Keith Richards, George Harrison, Derek Trucks

Lounge, (ˈlau̇nj), adj. Music of a certain sound that you can see yourself listing to it in a lounge. Most common genres of lounge music consist of Jazz, Bassanova and the Blues but a song does not necessarily have to be of these genres to be lounge. That new Father John Misty song is so lounge that I just want a bourbon and a cigar. i.e., Coltrane

Lyrical Genre, (lĭr′ĭ-kəl zhän′rə) noun. Songs that fit into the same category based on their lyrical content rather than their timbres. Taylor Swift is great at crossing genres but when it comes to her lyrics, she really hasn’t broken out of the relationship genre. i.e., Party Anthems, Christmas Music

Overtuned, (ˈō-vərˈtünd), adj. Speaks to the nature and overuse of the autotune function added to vocals on many popular songs today. A song may use autotune to change the singers voice but is only overtuned if the use is excessive. Post Malone is cool but he can be a little overtuned on certain songs. i.e., “Believe” – Cher

SAP, (săp), noun. Slang (not formally recognized). A term referring to the type of singing that pretends to be rapping, usually by singing over hip-hop style beats. Future may be a Trap God from Atlanta but I just can’t handle all the SAP. i.e., Post Malone, Drake

Slow Drip, (slō drip), verb. The act of releasing songs ahead of an album to gain anticipation. I get that everyone is going to slow drip before an album, maybe even two or three but when you drop five singles before an album, that just ruins it for me. i.e., Harry’s House, Kayne albums, pretty much everyone

Uncut, (ən-ˈkət), adj. Used to describe an artist or song that is relatively unknown or undiscovered. An uncut artist will typically not have a song on Spotify with more than a million listens. This mother-fucker is so uncut they haven’t even made it past the 1,000 listen mark. i.e., Captain Beefheart

Waxin’, (wăks-ĭn), verb. The process of listening to music with vinyl records. Kenny and Larson love waxin’ before a podcast, it helps set the mood. i.e., Spinning Records, 33 ⅓

World Music, (wûrld myoo͞′zĭk), noun. Musical genre rooted in the Earth, engrained in the soil beneath our feet and the air of the forest. Sounds formed in the essence of nature and the idea that melody is balanced within the vibration of the world. Cannot be from America, the United Kingdom or Japan. Bonobo is so good at making World Music that is also fun to dance to, it’s like he really knows what being from Earth is like. i.e., CloZee, Key N Krates

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